Following is a list of some of the most common questions we receive. If you have any further inquiries please contact our offices.

How quickly will my child learn English?

Much of this depends on what course you place your child in as well as their attendance; however our Preschool and Kindergarten programs are the most effective courses. They are not only incredibly fun but also teach children through experience and interaction. The children attending these courses learn as a child of a native English speaker would and their vocabulary and pronunciation is more likely to exceed any expectation you may have.

How will my child follow the class instruction if he/she does not speak English?

Children are avid learners and have more ability then someone parents give them credit for. As any child learns their native tongue through, gestures, expressions, vocal tones & mimicking others, so will your child begin learning English at school. At any OGA school we have bilingual teachers ready to assist and communicate with children in their native tongue until they are able to communicate their needs in English. During this learning process we are always there to listen, teach and help children in their every need.

What is the Student/Teacher ratio?

OGA students benefit from low student teacher ratio of an average 1 teacher to every 5 students.

What is the average class size?

Our class sizes are kept to an average of 10 students per class enabling students and teacher to grow a strong bond as well as guarantee a safe and positive learning experience for each child.

What curriculum do you follow?

We closely follow an American curriculum however we have tailored our curriculum to fix the local school. Additional studies of the local culture and holidays have been included in our curriculum to give our students a maximum educational experience.

What are the qualifications of your faculty?

The qualifications and experience of our faculty varies from school to school however in each of our schools our head teacher is a licensed teacher in Childcare as well as in ESL. Our other instructors either hold ESL certificates or are experienced teachers and have received OGA’s in-house training. Teachers at both our schools follow OGA fundamentals and no matter which school you enter you will find the same friendliness and professionalism.

What makes our faculty different from that of most ESL schools?

The main difference is their long tern commitment to OGA as well as their qualifications and experience. On top of this is both our foreign staff and national staff work closely together ensuring a warm and friendly place for our students. At OGA all staff is responsible for the wellbeing of each child. In many schools the foreign staff merely instruct during “lesson time”, however at OGA we pride ourselves in having both native English speakers and national teachers there every minuet of the day to teach, play, and care for our students. This includes personal hygiene and meal times, making a fuller and more complete learning experience for ours students, providing them with a real, full day of English.

What is the average tenure?

Our teachers tend to find OGA as warm, friendly and professional place of work. We feel fortunate and proud to say that on average our teachers stay with us at least 2 years.

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